Laser Tag


Appealing to almost all age groups, unruffled by seasons, inducing the adrenaline rush; Laser Tag is a one of the most popular team games in the World! Thrill Zone Laser Tag Arena offers over 3,000 square feet of action packed fun with the latest laser tag equipment. Our Jurassic Park Themed Arena is designed by professionals to accommodate 20 people. Players are divided into 2 teams and have 15 minutes to score as many points as possible for their team. What makes Thrill Zone the ultimate interactive adventure destination is the ambience. UV lights, techno music, fog, Volcanic Rock & Jungle Theme Arena come together in creating an exhilarating ambience to play Laser Tag. Wearing special vests, equipped with high-tech laser weapons, invading each other’s team base, the players have only one objective - score as many points as possible. You can check prices for Thrill Zone laser tag here